New Ubin Seafood: Cze Char ft. Rib-eye Steak!

It’s East Meets West!


New Ubin Seafood: Old School Cze Char in a New Era

Fans of seafood cze char (Chinese-style stir fry cuisine) need no introduction to New Ubin Seafood, for they’re well-known and well-loved by many for their timeless kampong-style seafood! The eatery, run by Mr. Pang and his family, prides themselves in honouring their culinary roots, while keeping abreast with the times. That’s why Mr. Pang decided to beef up their cze char menu!

New Ubin Seafood: Putting Steak on the Cze Char Menu!

The interior has a touch of that kampong vibe, making you feel welcome and at home.

Though New Ubin Seafood is currently located within a modern industrial building, but the decor retains elements of the classic kampong style, bringing a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

Through the decades, New Ubin made their name with great quality seafood, prepared in more ways you can imagine.

The nostalgic touches are also reflected in New Ubin’s extensive menu, featuring an array of seafood cze char dishes that Singaporeans have enjoyed for generations.

One of the items is not like the others, however – in a sea of Asian dish names, the name USDA Black Angus Rib-Eye Steak is hard to miss!

Look at this beauty!

The rib-eye steak began as an off-menu favourite of the Pang family, to which someone said, “hey, that looks really good!”

In true kampong spirit, Mr. Pang decided – got good things must share! That was how the distinctly Western US rib-eye steak was adopted into the very Asian cze char menu, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Eating Rib-Eye Steak the New Ubin Way

New Ubin Seafood may have made its name with stir-fried seafood, but make no mistake – they can grill a mean steak too!

The USDA Black Angus Rib-Eye Steak arrives on a chopping block, with a trio of condiments, caramelised onions, potato wedges, and a serving of New Ubin’s famous Heart Attack Fried Rice.

We’re all so glad Mr. Pang decided to permanently put this on the menu.

Tasting as good as it looks on the block, the steak was succulent, and tender; the caramelised onions were a nice complement to the juicy steak. The fried rice was sinful, yet delicious – beef fat trimmings from the rib-eye gave it an extra dimension of smooth buttery flavour. The beef fat is then wok fried with rice and dark soy sauce, resulting in the decadent treat that is Heart Attack Fried Rice.

Owner Mr. Pang demonstrates the best way to eat steak.

Mr. Pang’s word of advice for fans of New Ubin’s rib-eye steak? Eschew the knife and fork! According to Mr. Pang, the best way to enjoy steak is by using “chopsticks, of course!”.

Enjoy your USDA Black Angus Rib-Eye Steak with your chopsticks at S$14/100g (500-700g per cut, depending on availability).

New Ubin Seafood has a huge selection of high quality seafood, done in a variety of styles – visit their website here, and check out their menu here!

New Ubin Seafood: A Great Cze Char Experience for Every Age

Whether you’re old school or new school, New Ubin Seafood offers an authentic, classic cze char experience alongside interesting new additions that appeal to modern tastebuds. Fans have adored their seafood delights through the ages, but with the introduction of rib-eye steak? Now that’s an exciting new twist to the New Ubin repertoire of delectable dishes!

So if you’re up for both authentic cze char and great rib-eye steak, there’s only one place you need to be – New Ubin Seafood!

Visit New Ubin Seafood:
63 Hillview Avenue
Level 6 (Canteen), Lam Soon Industrial Building
Singapore 669569

Operating Hours: Daily 11:00am to 3:00pm, 5:30pm to 10:00pm
For enquiries, contact: 6466 9558 or 9740 6870 (SMS and WhatsApp available)

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