Amazing Thailand: Chanthaburi!


Chanthaburi, Thailand a riverside city located in the east of Thailand on the banks of Chanthaburi river. Full of Old World charm, and home to a diverse array of sights, landscapes, and cultures. Juno embarks on a journey to learn about Chanthaburi’s rich history, colorful cultures, and beautiful sceneries. Read along as we highlight the attractions and destinations that Juno visited in Chanthaburi.

Toong Proang Thong


If you are in the area you must come and check Toong Proang Thong! Enjoy a beautiful and peaceful walk down the boardwalk, as you enjoy the unique vegetation and wildlife of the Mangrove Forest! If you love nature, get lost in the Mangrove foliage in Toong Proang Thong!

HTMS Prasae Memorial

Explore a military boat!

The history of this attraction is interesting, after the second world war, the US sold a large military ship called the USS Gallup to Thailand, in hopes that it will help in the Korean War. It was decommissioned in 2000, and placed here as a memorial. You will be able to explore the surroundings of the large boat and climb onto the deck!

Prasae Estuary Village

Old village!

This is a small old village located at the Prasae River Mouth. There are a few interesting sites to see here. One is the temple for King Rama the 5th. Locals believe that his soul guards and protects the people around the Prasae River. Many of them will light incense and offer flowers for good fortune when fishing or doing other river related activities. You will also be able to view two very important trees to the village. One called the Godmother is over 500 years old and the other called the Godfather is over 300 years old!

Noen Nang Phaya Viewpoint

Perfect views for a photo!

This attraction is a popular one for photographers. A beautiful lookout point which you can clearly see the vast sea with the rocky cliffs and windy roads on the side. This view is truly breathtaking!

 Phliu Waterfall National Park

Fishes galore!

This waterfall is located in the Namtok Phliu National Park which covers an area of 134.5 square kilometres. The waterfall features three levels which features cool and clean water where visitors can swim in! Another interesting attraction at the national park is a pyramid and small chedi that King Rama the 5th built for his late wife Phra Nang Chao Sunanthakumarirat

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

A signature sight!

One of the signature landmarks of Chanthaburi is a gorgeous catherdral. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is one of the biggest cathedrals in Thailand! A iconic element of the Catherdral is the shiny statue of Maria, which is covered with countless gems.

Wat Phai Lom Royal Monastery

Reclining Buddha

A popular temple in the area, this temple is especially famous for its large Reclining Buddha. It is considered one of the largest in the region! There are also many Buddhist relics in the temple.

KP Garden Fruit Plantation

In the KP Garden Fruit Plantation you will be able to pick and eat fresh fruits! This ranges from large durians to sweet lychees!

Now you know where to go next time you are in Chanthaburi!

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