LET’S GO EAT!: Mari Makan Seafood

In Bahasa Melayu, ’Mari Makan’ means ‘Let’s Go Eat’ - and that’s exactly what we’re going to do!


Mari Makan Seafood: Cze Char for All To Enjoy!

Nestled in a HDB neighbourhood kopitiam in Tampines, Mari Makan Seafood has the appearance of a regular Chinese-style cze char stall. But there’s more to this humble stall than meets the eye!

Blink and you’ll miss it!

That’s right – Mari Makan is a Halal-certified cze char stall, which means our Muslim readers can enjoy the spread of cze char delights with an ease of mind!

The owners, Mdm Teo and her daughter Dora, wished to share the fabulous flavours of Singaporean Chinese-style cze char with their Malay-Muslim friends. They thus embarked on a year-long mission to research and adapt their family’s recipes to fit Halal dietary standards.

And today, Mari Makan prides themselves in creating an inclusive cze char experience that Singaporeans of all faiths can come together to enjoy!

Great Wok-Fried Delights at Mari Makan Seafood

A glance at the menu at Mari Makan, and a plethora of familiar cze char favourites greeted us. The classics include cereal prawn, BBQ sotong, prawn paste chicken, beef hor fun, hotplate tofu, Hokkien mee, and many more.

Cereal Prawn

The first dish that caught our fancy is Cereal Prawns, a mainstay in many a cze char place. One can usually judge a cze char stall’s standard from their cereal prawns, and Mari Makan’s version certainly did not disappoint!

The prawns were lightly sweet, springy and very juicy. The cereal added a nice crunch, as well as a different dimension of sweetness to complement the prawns.

Salted Egg Fried Fish Skin

Another dish that we liked was the Salted Egg Fried Fish Skin, rich in both flavours and textures. Each piece of fish skin was covered in just the right amount of salted egg gravy, creamy but not cloying. It retained its crispness even while soaked in gravy. Curry leaves and chilli padi add a nice spicy kick to the dish, rounding out the smooth savoury flavour of the salted egg.

Tasty as these dishes were, we couldn’t wait to try the next dish, which, according to Madam Teo and Dora, is their bestseller!

Brace yourselves for…

Mari Makan’s BBQ Sambal Stingray: A Dish that Unites!

If there’s one sauce that Singaporeans universally love, no matter their cultural background, language, or religion, it’s sambal chilli sauce. So it’s little wonder that Mari Makan’s BBQ Sambal Stingray is immensely popular with both Muslim and non-Muslim diners alike!

BBQ Sambal Stingray, and yes – that is a real banana leaf!

Mari Makan’s house-made sambal chilli gravy is first wok-fried to bring out the spicy fragrance, and poured all over the stingray on a fragrant banana leaf. The chef then covered and grilled it to perfection, locking in all that sizzling spiciness!

If you are a spice fiend, you’ll meet your match in this house-made sambal gravy – it packs a real punch!

Once the initial wave of spice-induced euphoria ebbed away, the flavours and textures of the stingray slowly came into the forefront. The stingray soaked up all the spice and smoky scent of the the wok-fried gravy. The flesh had a silky-smooth mouthfeel, and was incredibly easy to lift off the bone.

Mari Makan Seafood: It’s Time to Tuck In!

If you’re a sucker for a smorgasbord of delicious wok-fried delights, Mari Makan Seafood is the right place for you. Bonus points if you have an army of hungry friends – that just means you’ve got enough reason to order one of just about everything on Mari Makan’s extensive menu!

More than just the huge variety of delectable stir-fried dishes, Mari Makan Seafood offers a truly universal cze char experience that people of every culture and faith can partake in – and that inclusivity, my friends, is what makes Mari Makan Seafood a win in our book!

Visit Mari Makan Seafood:
Kim San Leng F&B
Blk 138 Tampines Street 11
Singapore 521138

For enquiries and reservations, contact 9688 0848.

Mari Makan Seafood is a Halal-certified stall.

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