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Singapore's Favourite Cheesesteaks!


Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks: Inspired by Philly, Made in Singapore!

Who can resist a romantic story – a cheesy one, even? Homegrown fast food restaurant Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks was founded by husband-and-wife team, Andy and Titin. The intrepid pair’s adventures in the US of A sparked off a delicious idea – to bring Philadelphia’s classic Cheesesteak to Singapore.

Once they touched down in Singapore, Titin and Andy immediately worked on recreating the cheesy, delightful flavours of Philly’s famous cheesesteaks. It took 10 months of research and hard work to perfect their formula – a process which the couple likened to ‘having a baby’.

And boy, did all that effort pay off! We’re about to find out what makes Yellow Submarines and their signature sandwich so well-loved by young and old alike!

First Impressions of Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks

Walking around in Toa Payoh town centre, it’s hard to miss a sign as bright and cheery as Yellow Submarines’. The exterior boasts a nice alfresco dining area, while the interior features bright pops of colour and a prominent submarine-shaped menu board.

More seating is available on the air-conditioned second floor, with a large submarine-shaped table as the centrepiece. Whimsical and adorable, the environment is great for families with kids!

The Classic by Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks

Fall in love with the sandwich that started it all – the Yellow Submarines Classic Cheesesteak! Titin and Andy drew inspiration from the Philadelphian original, and crafted it to suit the local palate.

Each Classic is chock full of premium-quality sirloin beef, tender and springy in all the right places, bursting with rich flavours in every bite. The caramelised onions complemented the premium sirloin perfectly, bringing out the heartiness and textures of the cheesesteak.

sirloin beef

Of course, no cheesesteak is complete without cheese! Titin and Andy tested out at least 50 different types of cheeses before they decided on a winning blend of multiple cheeses! The smooth, savoury cheese blend is just the right partner for the grilled premium sirloin.

cheesesteak 2

The perfectly-toasted bread roll wrapped it all up – it’s crisp and golden on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The bread roll soaks up all the cheese and steak juices quite nicely, ensuring that every last morsel makes it into your belly.


Finish off your cheesesteak meal with another menu favourite – the Torpedo Fries! This ain’t no simple fried potato in a paper bag! The thick-cut french fries are served in a cup, with generous dollops of yummy nacho cheese!

Get the Yellow Submarines Classic for S$7.90, or get a full meal, complete with a drink and Torpedo Fries, for S$10.90!

The New Kid on the Block: Hokkaido Cheese Toast!
Hokkaido Cheese Toast

If the Classic Cheesesteak and Torpedo Fries have transported you to Cheese Paradise, then Yellow Submarines’ new addition will throw you an epic Cheese Party there!

They introduced the Hokkaido Cheese Toast just weeks before we wrote this post, but it’s quickly becoming a hot favourite on Yellow Submarines’ menu!

It’s not hard to see why! Between the two slices of thick toast is an enormous amount of cheese! Pull the grilled confection apart, and you’re greeted with strings of pulled cheese that just. Never. Ends!

Hokkaido Cheese Toast Pull

Flavour-wise, the Hokkaido Cheese Toast owns that happy middle ground between savoury and sweet. Bite into the springy, chewy cheese strings, then enjoy the light sweetness of the cream cheese within the toast slices.

Get the epic Cheese Party started with the Hokkaido Cheese Toast for just S$3.

Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks: Cheesy Fun for All!

The journey may have begun with the Cheesesteak, but it certainly does not end there! Through the years, Titin and Andy continually developed the menu to include a variety of submarine sandwiches, mains, and desserts. From the ever-popular Classic Cheesesteak, to the brand-new Hokkaido Cheese Toast, there’s always something on the menu, just for you.

Whether you’re old, young, or in-between – if you are huge fan of all things cheese, Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks is a place that speaks your language, fluently, and with lots of love!

Visit Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks:
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central, #01-110
Singapore 310177
Opening Hours: Daily 10:30am to 10:00pm
For enquiries, call 63527890

Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks is certified Halal.

Follow Yellow Submarines Cheesesteaks on:
Instagram: @YellowSubmarinesCheesesteaks

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