A Different Side Of Singapore! 不一样的新加坡!『真玩传 The Wanderlist』

Where is the most "chic" place to go in Singapore? 新加坡最潮的小巷在哪里呢?


The Wanderlist: A Different Side Of Singapore! 不一样的新加坡!

What comes to mind when our international friends think of Singapore? Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade, and Orchard Rd may come to mind. But Singapore offers way more than an ultra-modern city experience. There’s a different side of Singapore – one that’s full of history, culture, and heritage!

各国好友听到新加坡,就会联想到滨海湾金沙、滨海艺术中心、乌节路、等等。除了繁华城市的奢华以外,新加坡也有许多充满民土风情和文化气息的地方哦!让真玩家 Ivy 陈艾薇 和特别来宾 Jacky 周玮贤 带你去体验 不一样的新加坡!

In this special episode of The Wanderlist, we’re going out of the studio, and into the heart of Singapore! Along with our guest, singer-songwriter Jacky Chew, host Ivy Tan takes us exploring in Kampong Glam, a wonderful district filled with heritage, fun, and surprises!

这集的《真玩传》,Ivy 和 Jacky 带大家走出摄影棚,出来玩一玩!充满着民土风情的 阿拉伯街 甘榜格南,虽不比滨海湾或圣淘沙热闹、繁华,不过密密麻麻的街头巷子里,也隐藏着许多美妙的惊喜!来新加坡游玩,就一定要到这儿走走、吃吃、逛一逛!

Different Side of Singapore Masjid Sultan The Wanderlist
Masjid Sultan at Kampong Glam

The most distinct landmark of the district is none other than Masjid Sultan, or Sultan Mosque. The mosque provides guided tours, where you can learn about its rich history!

来到了甘榜格南,最引人注目的建筑就是 苏丹回教堂 了!苏丹回教堂已拥有百多年的历史,也是新加坡规模最大的回教堂之一。

Different Side of Singapore - Traditional Lamps at Arab St
Beautiful lamps at a traditional shop, along Arab St.

The streets of Kampong Glam is lined with traditional shops, selling beautiful carpets, lamps, and various tchotchkes. Why not pick up a lucky charm, a beautiful souvenir that’ll also bring blessings to your life?


Different Side of Singapore - Zam Zam Singapore Restaurant
Ivy and Jacky tempt you with delicious food from Zam Zam Singapore.

If you’re hungry, you’re in luck – there are lots of great eats in Kampong Glam to check out! With a wide variety of cafes, restaurants, and old-school eateries, foodies will be spoiled for choice.

肚子饿了?没问题!甘榜格南可是老饕的美食天堂!是吃货的朋友,绝对不能错过甘榜格南里的 Zam Zam Singapore 餐厅!

Last but not least, a trip to Kampong Glam is not complete without visiting Haji Lane. The narrowest street in Singapore is also the coolest – filled with independent boutiques and hipster cafes. Check out the Instagram-worthy murals along the walls of the shophouses as well!

Different Side of Singapore - Haji Lane and Arab St Murals
Colourful wall murals along Haji Lane.

From cultural learning journeys, to unique shops and delicious treats, Kampong Glam is where you can experience a Different Side of Singapore!

A Different Side Of Singapore

Special Guest/特别嘉宾:Jacky 周玮贤
Wanderlister/真玩家:Ivy 陈艾薇

爱旅行的你,想知道如何玩得轻松又精彩吗?出国时又要注意哪些事项呢?让 “真玩家” Ivy 陈艾薇 为你一一解答,带你轻松环游世界!

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