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Model’s Secret to Great Skin – BrosTalk with Andee C.

Who says men don’t have to take care of their skin? In this episode of BrosTalk, Andee visits Dr. Gabriel Wong, aesthetic doctor at SL Clinic, to find out how men can achieve healthy, great skin that glows!

Skin Health: Differences Between Men and Women

According to Dr. Wong, there are some differences between men’s and women’s skin. Men’s skin tends to be oilier, which means they are generally more susceptible to skin issues such as acne.

On the bright side, however, men’s skin also tends to have more collagen – which means a comparatively slower ageing process, as compared to women’s skin.

The catch?

Men are often not aware that their skin needs to be taken care of. Those that do, aren’t always sure what options are available to them. As a result, as Dr. Wong explains, the advantage of having more collagen in their skin is negated by poor skincare habits.

More Men Going For Aesthetic Treatments

Men are starting to see the importance of having great skin, as an increasing number of men are paying more attention to their skin, whether it’s spending on products, or going for aesthetic treatments. In Dr. Wong’s clinic, there’s been an uptick in the number of men coming in.

What are some of the more popular options that men go for? For Dr. Wong, his male clients mostly visit for subtle, but effective maintenance treatments, such as laser treatment for acne scars, simple skin fillers, and botox.

“Guys do see a need to look presentable, and to look good for their age”, Dr. Wong explains, “but they generally don’t want to look too different, and they don’t want people to find out that they’ve done something”, referring to the discreet nature of the aesthetics treatments that men tend to opt for.

Laser Treatments for Different Skin Concerns

With the advancement of technology in the field of aesthetic treatments, various laser treatments are available for different skin concerns. They vary in their length of downtime, number of sessions needed, cost, and efficacy, and an aesthetics doctor can help determine the right treatment for your skin concerns.

For Andee, Dr. Wong provides him with a simple laser treatment that addresses early signs of aging – the signs include fine lines, duller skin, and open pores.

Achieving Great Skin with Minimal Pain and Hassle

One thing weighs on Andee’s mind – will the laser treatment hurt?

Not much, according to Dr. Wong. “This treatment has very little social downtime, and minimal pain with the numbing cream”, he explains.

And having gone through with the laser treatment, Andee concurs: great skin does not have to come with a whole lot of pain or hassle. The minimal downtime means one will be able to carry on with their daily activities with no disruptions.

BrosTalk: Walk the Talk.

BrosTalk is a men’s lifestyle series, covering topics such as fashion, fitness, grooming, wellness, tech, and more! Check out all the other BrosTalk episodes here!

Hosted by:
Andee Chua

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