Warung K: FIVE-STAR Ayam Bakar!


Ever had a urge to dine in a fancy restaurant, maybe even a dinner at a five star hotel? Or maybe it’s a special occasion for your loved one, and you want to treat him/her to some five star food. But reality sets in and your wallet is lighter than usual. Well do not worry, as you don’t need to be a Crazy Rich Asian in Singapore to enjoy 5 star food! Get your tastebuds ready for some 5-star Ayam Bakar!

Keep your credit card at home and come enjoy a former five star hotel chef’s Ayam Bakar!

Warung K: Going back to the roots

The man behind your Ayam Bakar!

The man who will be cooking your 5 star hawker meal is Chef Ken. Prior to this he was the ex-Chef de Cuisine at Clifford Pier located in Fullerton Bay Hotel. He left this high flying job to pursue his ultimate dream! To start his own hawker business! Inspired by his trips to Indonesia, he founded Warung K. which specialised in a traditional Indonesian dish Ayam Bakar.

Warung K: Char Grill Master

Char Grill master!

Chef Ken uses a unique cooking method to create his delicious chicken. He confits the chicken to keep it’s juiciness, and then proceeds to grill it to give it it’s crispy skin! As the chicken is being grilled, Chef Ken will brush the meat with kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce) that is accented with chilli and garlic. To enhance the flavour even more, he grills the chicken over charcoal. When you give his Ayam Bakar a try, the results are self explanatory!


There’s no more need to wait for the next payday before treating yourself to a five star meal. Head to Wa

rung K for a taste of a charcoal grilled paradise.


Visit Warung K:

Ayer Rajah Cresent,

JTC Launchpad@one-north,

Singapore 139957

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