Lian Soon Huat Seafood: RESTAURANT Quality, KOPITIAM Prices!

Treat yourself without leaving the comforts of the heartlands!


Lian Soon Huat Seafood: An Established Name in the Heartlands!

Residents of Yishun and beyond are familiar with Lian Soon Huat Seafood, run by the Tay family for 25 years and counting! Occupying the same stall in the Yishun branch of Kim San Leng for more than two decades, Lian Soon Huat has built a steady reputation with their range of Teochew/Cantonese style dishes, made from fresh seafood supplied daily.

Their greatest claim to fame, however, is in introducing a restaurant-grade Soon Hock Fish into the heartlands, at wallet-friendly prices that can’t be beat!

All About The Soon Hock Fish: Lian Soon Huat Seafood

Soon Hock fish, or Marbled Goby, is a premium freshwater fish that is highly popular in many Asian countries, making it rather expensive. People love the Soon Hock fish for its pearly-white flesh, with incredibly delicate textures and lightly sweet flavours.

In most parts of Asia, including Singapore, the only places you can have Soon Hock are in seafood restaurants, where prices can get really steep, and demand is very high.

Founder Mr. Tay, and his son Wayne, decided to offer a taste of luxury, at wallet-friendly prices, in a kopitiam setting that feels just like home – so they brought the restaurant-grade Soon Hock into their menu!

Lian Soon Huat Seafood: Soon Hock Fish in Diverse Styles!

On top of being perhaps the only kopitiam seafood cze char stall to serve such sought-after fish, Wayne explained to us that they make the Soon Hock in not just one, or two, but a whopping SEVEN different styles!

In the hands of a skilful chef, the Soon Hock fish lends itself well to a variety of cooking styles – its smooth, pale flesh flakes beautifully when done just right.

Lian Soon Huat’s Signature: Chye Por Steam Soon Hock!

Of the seven styles of Soon Hock that Lian Soon Huat serves, the most popular one is also the most classic – Chye Por Steam Soon Hock!

For the uninitiated, chye por is preserved radish, and is often found in either the salted or sweet variety. A wide variety of Chinese dishes incorporate the chye por, finely chopped or in slightly larger chunks.

Upon sampling the dish, it immediately became clear that Soon Hock and chye por were just meant for each other in the best ways possible.

The savouriness of the salted chye por, laid atop the fish, greatly enhanced the fresh sweetness of the Soon Hock. Steaming keeps the Soon Hock’s flesh delightfully delicate, remaining smooth and supple thanks to great control over cooking timing. I had to look out for a few bones, but it’s easy to lift them out. The smooth flesh is almost like soft, edible silk in my mouth!

Prices for Lian Soon Huat’s best-selling Chye Por Steam Soon Hock varies by the season. Due to high demand, we advise calling in to preorder (Tel: 94233542).

We also recommend checking out their other styles of Soon Hock! There’s Thai Assam Style, Deep Fried, Curry, Black Bean & Bitter Gourd Stewed, White Pepper Soup, and Claypot Braised.

Lian Soon Huat: A Wallet-Friendly Seafood Restaurant Experience

No need to break the bank for fresh, high-quality fish and seafood! Lian Soon Huat offers that restaurant-grade food, in a setting that’s comforting and close to the hearts of regular Singaporeans like you and I.

Visit Lian Soon Huat Seafood:
Kim San Leng F&B
Blk 417 Yishun Ave 11
Singapore 760417
Operating Hours: Daily 4:00pm to 11:45pm

For reservations and enquiries, call 94233542.

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