It’s GARANG Hot!: Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood

Bold, Intense, and Truly Garang!


Garang Grill: Fuelled by Fiery Passion!

Many folks love food, but one guy is simply obsessed with it – and that’s none other than chef Jeremy Cheok! Armed with a fiery passion for food, and one very hot oven, Jeremy heads Garang Grill, a joint venture between Jeremy’s restaurant Slake and famed zi char establishment New Ubin Seafood.

Garang Grill: Meat the Chef

Jeremy’s impressive résumé simply blew us away! He’s worked with reputable restaurants like Kum Kee Roast Meats, Coriander Leaf, and Artichoke. And now, Jeremy is part of the management team at New Ubin Seafood!

On top of his professionalism in the culinary realm, Jeremy has also done some pretty crazy things for his love of all things delicious. If there’s any guy who would spend 5 whole months on one epic food journey across Europe, it’s Jeremy!

That wild, adventurous spirit underscored the birth of Garang Grill, a pop-up neighbourhood grill concept in collaboration with New Ubin Seafood. Though originally slated to end in late-June 2017, the team extended the run due to overwhelming popularity.

The Mibrasa Oven: Putting the ‘Garang’ in Garang Grill!

Making meat marvellous is no mean feat! Garang Grill is dedicated to serving up flavours that are strong, bold, and ‘garang’ (which means ‘fierce’ in Malay)!

The secret to that is… an oven?

Except this is no ordinary appliance. It’s a Mibrasa oven, a Spanish-made charcoal grill oven, which blazes at a scorching 500 °c! The extremely-high temperatures ensure that each steak is beautifully seared on the outside, and oh-so tender on the inside.

Garang Grill’s USDA Prime Rib-eye Steak: Simply Gorgeous!

As a pop-up establishment, Garang Grill’s menu may change from time to time. However, their signature USDA Prime Rib-eye Steak is a mainstay in the menu, and a firm favourite with diners.

First of all, this is one beautiful steak to look at! The gorgeous hunk of steak sat in the middle of a wooden chopping block, with bordelaise butter and veggies on the side. Jeremy even carved the steak in chunks, so all we needed to do was eat!

The extremely high temperatures of the Mibrasa grill oven gave the steak a wonderfully-browned appearance, with boldly-seared edges. It had an intense, smoky scent (thank you, charcoal!), and each bite was incredibly tender, bursting with juicy flavours.

Accompanying each order of beef is a side of Garang Rice, which is Jeremy’s take on New Ubin’s renowned Heart Attack Fried Rice. Like the original, he cooks it with decadent beef fat, but adds a new twist by adding aromatic chilli padi.

Kick off your garang beef adventure with the USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steak at $18.00/g (400-600g, weight subject to availability), which comes with a serving of Garang Rice (150g).

Keeping the Charcoal Burning at Garang Grill

For those of you hankering for rib-eye steak that tastes as gorgeous as it looks, you’ve gotta hurry, as Garang Grill will end its run at the end of September. If you aren’t an Eastsider (like your North-dwelling author here), this is one Epicurean experience worth venturing to the East side for.

So don’t wait any longer – swing by Garang Grill now, before it’s gone!

EDIT 01/10/2017: According to their Facebook post on 1st Oct 2017, Garang Grill is HERE TO STAY at their 15 Swan Lake Ave premises!

Here is the full quote on Facebook:

The end of September marks the end of the 6-month pop-up, but it also marks the beginning of the transition from pop-up to permanent!
Yes folks, thanks to all of your support, feedback and encouragement, we are proud to say that Garang Grill is here to stay.
Here’s to keeping the arang burning, and we look forward to more delicious dining experiences with you.
P.S: Watch this space as something exciting this way comes. (Hint: We soon won’t just be available in the east!)

Be sure to follow Garang Grill on Facebook for their latest updates!

Visit Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood:
15 Swan Lake Ave
Singapore 455711
Operating Hours: Tues 6:00pm – 11:30pm; Wed-Sun 11:30am – 3:00pm, 6:00pm – 11:30pm
Closed on Mondays
For enquiries, contact: 92450184 or

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