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Halloween’s round the corner – it’s time to stuff yourself with candy, and admire all the awesome Halloween costumes out there! When it comes to a frighteningly-good time, these pets sure know how to get the costume party started!

1Power. Grace. Wisdom. It’s Wonder Woman!

This courageous feline is ready to save the world this Halloween.

A post shared by Tito & Tita (@titosthecats) on

Source: Instagram / @titosthecats

2A Dynamic Duo

The cutest heroes of Gotham City!

A post shared by Paige Ashton (@ladypaigeashton) on

Source: Instagram / @ladypaigeashton

3It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s SUPERHORSE!

Justice is galloping to a Halloween party near you.

A post shared by Reiner Wear (@reiner_wear) on

Source: Instagram / @reiner_wear

4There’s supposed to be 3 pups in this photoshoot…

Where’s the third one… OH MY GOODNESS!

Source: Instagram / @beegees_double_ginger

5BFFs = Burgers & Fries Forever.

They’re killin’ it, and we’re lovin’ it.

Source: Instagram / @jacobkang

6Purrfect Palindrome

A Halloween classic – the Tacocat.

Source: Instagram / @mogglesthemog

7Bring on the Muttstard!

It’s a Hallo-wiener tradition that never gets old. 

Source: Instagram / @hiyah_kaya

8Hear me roar! … slowly.

This little dino will probably need to start trick-or-treating at 7AM if he wants to cover all the houses in his street.

Source: Instagram / @suscervera

9Sweet Lil’ Pumpkin

Now this is one punkin you ain’t chunkin.

A post shared by Podrick (@pod_the_hog) on

Source: Instagram / @pod_the_hog

10Arr, Avast Ye!

Show me th’ booty o’ sweets!

A post shared by Shinx the Cat (@shinxthesphynx) on

Source: Instagram / @shinxthesphynx


Aah! This pupper did me a frighten!

Source: Instagram / @manoloofficialbulldog

12Cute n’ Creepy

We don’t have a bone to pick with this adorable skeleton costume!

A post shared by Oreo 🐰 (@blackandwhite_bunny) on

Source: Instagram / @blackandwhite_bunny

13You Shall Not Passssss!

… until you sssssurrender all your ssssssweetsss!

Source: Instagram / @gandalfwearshats

14Happy as can Bee

This pooch’s Halloween costume is the bee’s knees.

A post shared by Anna Sophia (@penny_pocket_89) on

Source: Instagram / @penny_pocket_89

15Right at Your Doorstep

I’m here to deliver a parcel of cuteness overload this Halloween.

A post shared by Oatysworld (@oatysworld) on

Source: Instagram / @oatysworld

16Dainty Little Devil

Would you sell your soul to this little darling?

A post shared by ケニー(kenny) (@kenny_10_23) on

Source: Instagram / @kenny_10_23


Have a Happy Howl-oween!

Source: Instagram / @cardicatahoulas

Have a Spooktacular Halloween!

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