Animal Troublemakers in Action!

We’d all like to believe that our animal companions are mostly sweet and angelic. However, you’ll never know when a mischievous streak hits them! The next thing you know, these troublemakers will have you you crying, laughing, cry-laughing, and cleaning up whatever messes they made.

1A Litter-al Mess

“We ran out of confetti for our party, so litter will do.”

Source: Instagram / @thelittlelambandthetortie

2(Pillow) Fight Club

“We do not talk about (Pillow) Fight Club.”

Source: Instagram / @joygreene


These troublemakers have got hold of their human’s sports bra… but they swear this is not what it looks like.

A post shared by Carla Gilder (@carlagilder) on

Source: Instagram / @carlagilder

4A Thankless Job.

“There was a small puddle on the floor so I cleaned it up for you. Now thank me, hooman.”

A post shared by Othello Jun Tao (@othellogram) on

Source: Instagram / @othellogram

5A Troublemakers’ Tradition

Ah, a time-honoured skill, passed down from his grandpappy – homework eating.

Sorry class, my dog ate everyone’s homework from funny

Source: Reddit / u/paulathekoala95

6Nice Cup Tower. NOT.

“I see you spent ages on it. I don’t care.”

Source: YouTube / Harley the Cockatoo

7Hooman’s Trash, Cat’s Treasure

“I bestowed upon you a mouse, expertly hunted with my very own paws. And you just tossed it in the trash?!”

A post shared by @zida (@azydahoney) on

Source: Instagram / @azydahoney


Wait for you? By the time you’re done making me food, I’d have starved.

Source: Instagram / @erinadelaneyphoto

9To Heck With Christmas!

“This demented fake tree can go roast in an open fire next to the chestnuts.”

Source: Facebook / Vera Müller

10Checked Baggage

He aspires to be one of those sniffer dogs at the airport.

A post shared by Tim Sweeney (@tesweens) on

Source: Instagram / @tesweens

11You Are Bipedal, Hooman

“Why do you need so many shoes? You’re not an octopus.”

A post shared by FreeJustice (@freed_justice) on

Source: Instagram / @freed_justice

12Look Ma, I Killed A Snake!

The most valiant snake hunter I ever did see.

A network cable is unplugged. from Rabbits

Source: Reddit / u/bonesawed

13Eating Homework? That’s Outdated, Dog.

THIS is how you sabotage homework in the 21st century.

Look at this smug little dick from BirdsBeingDicks

Source: Reddit / u/Dakaramor

14Your Home Decor Sucks.

“What ‘floral display’? I’ve seen salads that looked better.”

A post shared by Hallie (@bad_cat_hallie) on

Source: Instagram / @bad_cat_hallie

15Seriously… Your Home Decor Sucks.

This little guy has made his stance quite clear.

Source: Twitter / @beehivesy, via BuzzFeed Community.

Do your pets ever get into trouble? Leave a comment and tell us your story!

Troublemakers or not, we all still love these precious babies – visit our Pets category for more adorableness!

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