Sleepy dogs - Instagram / @beegees_double_ginger
Source: Instagram / @beegees_double_ginger

Nothing recharges your day like a good nap. What are the secrets to a great mid-afternoon snooze? Watch and learn from these sleepy dogs – they’re the connoisseurs of ultimate comfort!

1Find a good spot – for example, a nice bed.

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Source: Instagram / @winterwoofy

2Or in someone’s loving arms.

Source: Instagram / @butter_the_sheltie

3In a moving car.

You know it’s been a fun day when you get two sleepy dogs in the car’s backseat.

Source: Instagram / @beegees_double_ginger

4Or anywhere! Sleepy dogs don’t discriminate.

When it’s hot outside, the floor is quite cooling to lie on.

A post shared by Tiger Looi (@tiger.looi) on

Source: Instagram / @tiger.looi

5Sometimes, it’s because you’re too lazy tired to make it to your bed.

The bed…. it’s…. so…. far…. I can’t….

A post shared by Cheetos (@cheetosthedachshund) on

Source: Instagram / @cheetosthedachshund

6But when you do, make sure you’ve got your chou chou with you.

Do you smell that? It’s the sweet scent of my beloved chou chou, carrying me to dreamland.

A post shared by T O T O (@totothepomeranian) on

Source: Instagram / @totothepomeranian

7Put on some comfy clothes.

The rattiest, tattiest old tees make the best PJs.

A post shared by Krispy (@krispythepiglet) on

Source: Instagram / @krispythepiglet

8Get under your favourite blanket…

A post shared by Meiji (@meijithebeagle) on

Source: Instagram / @meijithebeagle

9… or 10 favourite blankets.

You can’t have too many blankets for those cold rainy-day naps.

A post shared by Alice Zhong (@wynabelle) on

Source: Instagram / @wynabelle

10A snuggle buddy makes naptime sweeter.

What’s better than one sleepy dog? TWO sleepy dogs!

Source: Instagram / @_wafflesthesheltie

11Drift off to dreamland while someone reads to you.

The hoomans can have their audiobooks.

Source: Instagram / @bangie_shanshan

12Having someone to sayang you is the best.

#tfw you’re in deep sleep but you immediately know when hooman stops petting. Your hands are tired? I don’t care, hooman!

Source: Instagram / @boo._thefrenchie

13Here’s a dapper little napper, sporting a bowtie while he snoozes.

A post shared by Dodo (@dodothepapillonxcorgi) on

Source: Instagram / @dodothepapillonxcorgi

14Then again, who cares about appearances when you’re asleep.

A post shared by Beanie 💙 (@beaniebeanboo) on

Source: Instagram / @beaniebeanboo

15Image? What image?

Source: Instagram / @acevalentinelee

16I’ve not a single care in the world!

Source: Instagram / @jtheakk

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