[Video + Recipe] Chef Eric’s Egg White Omelete


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So start your day healthy and light! Chef Eric shows you how to make light airy yet tasty Egg White Omelet.

This recipe needs very little ingredients but is sure to leave your taste bud in the clouds!

Egg White Omelete: What you’ll need

3 Eggs

Cooking Oil




Egg White Beater


Frying Pan

  1.   Separate the Egg Yolk

To separate the egg white from the yolk,

  1.     Crack the egg evenly in the middle against a hard object
  2.     Hold the egg over a bowl in both hands with the crack facing upward and the wide end tilted down
  3.     Use the thumb to pull apart the egg until it is two halves
  4.      Pour the intact yolk back and forth between the two halves of the shell. Do this until the white drips over the side of the shell.
  5.     Drop the yolk into another bowl.


  1.   Mix the Egg White

Mix the egg whites!

Pour the Egg White into the mixer, and mix it till a sticky consistency, do not overmix it till it becomes liquid. Add a dash of salt and pepper

  1.   Pour the Mixed Egg into the Frying Pan

Pour the mixed egg into the frying pan

Add some cooking oil and pour the mixed egg white. Turn the heat to light-medium and cook till it becomes a “cake” like texture. See image below

  1.   Create the cloud

Create the cloud!

Using a wooden spoon try to mold it to a cloud like structure. Remember to make the sides firm

  1.   Plate

Cloudy breakfast!

There you go! Your own cloud like breakfast! This is best suited with accompanying eggs and vegetables.

Did you enjoyed this light breakfast or do u prefer something heavier!

Let us know below!

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