Lush Garden Walls, INDOORS!


Ever have the desire to enjoy nature yet not leave the confines of your comfy chair? Seems like Darren and his Vertical Green team has a solution that will definitely keep you looking up! That solution is HyGro Wall!

Your Living Wall!

It’s super light !

First of all HyGroWall is composed of different layers of irrigation geotextile on which the plants will grow on to. Therefore this enables a large number of species to grow on the vertical surface. Above all it allows variety and artistic freedom in the design. Furthermore, the system is automated and the irrigation process occurs automatically.

Above all what really sets HyGroWall from the other competition is its ultra thin system of 2cm thickness. As well as its lightweight properties due to the absence of soil & synthetic materials.

They worked with many big companies!

As a result of all these features, HyGroWall had worked with companies like, Lego, Starhub, Visa, Agoda, Innisfree and many more!

The Vertical Inspiration

Darren got the passion and inspiration from a trip to the park. He saw a vertical garden and decided he wanted one at home. But unfortunately, it was just too large to fit. After a lots of research and hard work, Darren, who has no background in gardening and design, eventually created the successful HyGro Wall you see today!

Because of Darren, there are no more excuses for drab offices. Bring some life into your space with Hygro Wall

See you!

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