Grandma’s Tang Hoon Egg Soup!


What makes you nostalgic? Hearing your favourite song as a child? Seeing an old film photograph? Or seeing your old Gameboy stuffed deep into your drawer?

Well for Foodie CaCa’s friend Ms Kueh, it is the taste of her Grandma’s Tang Hoon Egg Soup. In this article, she shares the traditional recipe of this classic Teochew dish with you.

Nutritious, yummy, and full of love, you can make this dish yourself with the ingredients and steps below.

Grandma’s Tang Hoon Egg Soup (4-6 people):

What you’ll need

Vermicelli (1 packet/soaked in hot water)

10 Eggs

3 Carrot

2 Potatoes

4 Tomatoes

4 Onions

1 packet of Chestnuts

Light Soya Sauce

Chicken Stock



Frying Pan

Cooking Pot

Knife and Chopping Board

Measuring Cup

Wooden Spoon

Metal Soupspoon



Metal Spoon

1) Prepare your Egg and Vermicelli


Mix your eggs and noodles

Crack all 10 eggs into a bowl. Add a spoon of light soya sauce into the bowl. Add the Vermicelli and mix thoroughly.


2) Fry the egg and vermicelli

Pour the egg and vermicelli into the frying pan with small heat. Fry till Egg is thick and fluffy, this will help absorb the soup later on. The inside should be soft and the outside should be crispy. Take out and place on separate plate when done.


3) Prepare Vegetables for the Soup

Prepare your vegetables!

Peel the carrots and dice it, cube the potatoes and cut each tomato into four pieces. Finally peel the onion and cut into four pieces

4) Boiling the soup

Boiling the soup!

Pour water till it fills half the pot. Turn to medium heat and Boil the water. When it is boiled pour chicken stock till 3/4 of the pot’s volume is filled.

5) Add the Fried Egg and Vermicelli

Add the egg and vermicelli

After 30 mins add the fried egg and vermicelli into the soup, and use a spoon to mix.

6) Plate the dish

Plate the dish!

There you go! Wasn’t that simple!

Enjoy this traditional Teochew recipe, and share with us your favourite Grandma recipes below!

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