Chiropractic: Back in Balance with Dr Bryan Chen!

Chiropractor Dr. Bryan Chen has helped many address spine health issues, his dedication stemming from a very personal experience with chronic back pain itself.


Chiropractor, gym trainer, and sports enthusiast – Dr Bryan Chen’s positive energy is infectious wherever he goes. 

At his clinic, Equilibrio Health Chiropractic, Dr Bryan provides a series of treatments that target various musculoskeletal problems, including chronic back pain, shoulder and joint aches, sport injuries, and neck pain. Chiropractic addresses chronic pain issues at the root in a holistic manner, to bring the spine back in balance.

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What is Chiropractic? An Overview

Chiropractic is a non-surgical, drug-free system of complementary medicine, aimed at the diagnosis and correction of disorders in the musculoskeletal system. The misalignment of bones and joints can cause pain and discomfort, and chiropractic treatments work by realigning and adjusting them.

Addressing the misconception that chiropractic is ‘quick and easy’, Dr Bryan cautions that solutions to spine health issues take time. They are often rooted in long-term factors, which require both chiropractic treatments and lifestyle changes to address.

“We can do different treatments for the patient,” said Dr Bryan, “but we need to educate the patient about lifestyle changes to maintain good spine health.”

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As such, instead of one-time quick treatments, Dr Bryan provides multiple treatment sessions over time, with a more tailored approach. On top of treating the current problems that patients have, Dr. Bryan believes in equipping them with the right knowledge to manage and prevent further problems.

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Alongside his well-rounded approach to restoring a patient’s spine and bone health, Dr Bryan brings a measure of comfort to his patients with his empathy for what they’re going through, having had a personal experience with chronic pain himself.

Dr Bryan: His Experience with Chronic Back Pain

Dr Bryan hadn’t always wanted to be a chiropractor – as a student, his forte was in sports, and basketball was his life.

However, at age 20, Dr Bryan’s basketball aspirations came to a screeching halt during a fateful match. Midway through a jump, a fellow player struck him in the lower back.

“I was in pain for ages”, he recounted of the accident, which left him bedridden for a week. Even as he regained mobility, the pain from his injury did not subside.

The young Dr Bryan underwent all kinds of treatment, and took pain medication that affected his day-to-day functioning. Recovery seemed out of reach, and it seemed he could never get back on the basketball court again.

Chiropractic: A Turning Point

Just as Dr Bryan was about to give up hope of ever enjoying his favourite sport again, a friend who was studying to become a chiropractor learnt of his situation, and recommended chiropractic to him. Though he was sceptical, he decided to give it a shot.

Under the care of a skilled chiropractor, Dr Bryan’s condition began to improve. Within weeks, the severe back pain had subsided, and before long, Dr Bryan was back in the game once more.

Chiropractic: Restoring Balance and Harmony From Within

Inspired by his amazing recovery, Dr Bryan thus found his new calling – to become a chiropractor. He aspired to help others get well, get back on their feet, and regain their active lifestyles.

Source: Instagram / @equilibriochiropractic

Most who visit Dr Bryan’s clinic are often at their wits’ end regarding their pain issues. “The patient usually comes in, in great pain, having done everything they could. Chiropractic is their last resort,” Dr Bryan said.

Fuelled by his own experiences, Dr Bryan keenly understands his patients’ pain, and is dedicated to helping them restore their spine health, bringing it back in balance.

Hanging out with Dr Bryan, it’s clear that his warm smile and sense of humour can put anyone at ease. However, what’s even more comforting for patients, perhaps, is finding a doctor that can truly empathise.

Get Started on Your Spine Health Journey

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