[Video + Recipe] Luncheon Meat Bread Rolls


The humble luncheon meat may not seem at first glance. But for many children and adults alike, this is the living proof that the simpler the better. It is a jack of all trades, people eat it with rice, bread, noodles, the possibilities are endless. Army men are especially fond of luncheon meat, as it is their “swiss army knife” of food.

The recipe below is Chef Eric’s attempt at levelling up this so called comfort food. So let go of your worries, and indulge yourself to some delicious Luncheon Meat Bread Rolls!

Luncheon Meat Bread Rolls: What you’ll need

One can of luncheon meat

3 slices of bread

One Egg

Cooking Oil



Cutting Knife

Chopping Board

Metal Frying Pan



Bread Roller


  1. Cut the Luncheon Meat Into Thin Slices

Luncheon Meat into thin slices!

Take the luncheon meat out of the can, and cut it into thin slices with the knife. It needs to be thin so that it can be rolled later on

  1. Mix the Eggs

Mix the eggs!

Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix it till the texture is consistent

  1. Roll the bread


Use the bread roller to roll the bread till it is flat.

  1. Brush the mixed egg on the bread

Use a brush to mix the egg!

Using the brush, brush the surface of the bread with the mixed egg. Place the Luncheon meat on the bread, and brush the surface of the luncheon meat with the egg.

  1. Roll the bread into a thin roll

Roll it into a thin roll!

Firstly roll the bread tightly into a thin roll. If it does not stick well, flip the opening of the bread downwards like the image below.

  1. Frying the bread

Fry the bread!

Pour the cooking oil till it fills half the metal frying pan. Turn the heat to medium and use your chopsticks and fry the bread roll till its crispy and golden. Approx 2-3 mins

  1.        Cut the Bread Rolls

Cut the bread rolls!

Slice the bread rolls to smaller rolls (approx 4-5 cm width). See image below for reference.

  1.         Plate the Dish

Plate the dish!

Squeeze the Mayonnaise onto a side of the plate and use a spoon to scrap it across the plate. See image below for reference. Place the bread rolls and voila! You have made a wonderful comfort meal that you can share with your family and friends!

Let us know how do you cook your luncheon meat, and how good does these luncheon meat bread rolls taste!

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