Sweet Potato Farm in Tainan, Taiwan


Sweet potatoes are great for health, they are rich in fiber, vitamin a and potassium. Compared to other starchy foods like rice, noodles or bread, Sweet potatoes provide a much healthier nutritious alternative. They are produced all over the world, but Foodie CaCa goes to KuaKua Yuan to experience a sweet potato farm in Tainan, Taiwan

At KuaKua Yuan you can enjoy a few different activities, read below to see the activities that Foodie CaCa enjoyed on her visit!

The “Sweet” Exhibition

Foodie CaCa first went to visit the exhibition. The exhibition outlines the history of sweet potato farming and it’s progression throughout the years. It also highlights how sweet potatoes first arrived in Taiwan during the Dutch rule.

An up close encounter!

What stuck most with Foodie CaCa is her up close and personal interaction with a termite type insect which eats the sweet potato and gives it a slight bitter taste. In a demonstration of how the farm controls the pest without using pesticide, Foodie CaCa was given the chance to have the termite on her hand much to her dismay. The result? The picture below shows it perfectly! The termite has a special ability, it fakes it death when in sight of humans!

Hands in the Land

The sweet rewards!

After understanding more about sweet potato and how to farm it. Foodie CaCa decides to get her hands dirty and help out in the farm! They were quick to harvesting, first some small “baby” sweet potatoes, before finding larger ones to pull out. While farming they learned quick facts and tips about sweet potato farming, such as sweet potatoes are not acidic when they germinate and how the soil’s ability to hold water influences the taste of the potatoes.

Sweet Potato Pastries

Sweet Potato Pastries!

On Foodie CaCa’s ends her trip to the Sweet Potato Farm whipping up a sweet potato pastry dish! After struggling with her first few she picks it up and goes on to bake the small sweet potato tarts! And the results are wonderful! The sweet taste of the cream is sure to fulfill your sweet tooth!

So next time you are in Taiwan! Check out the Kua Kua Yuan sweet potato farm and enjoy some delicious sweet potato products! To fries, ice cream, tea, and much more! Sweet Potato offers a little something for everybody

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