WATCH: StellaVee’s latest Yoga Lin mashup will tug at your heartstrings!

In their latest offering, singer-songwriter duo StellaVee draw inspiration from Yoga Lin’s best-known works.


2017 marks the 10th year of Yoga Lin’s illustrious career in the Mandopop scene. What better way to celebrate his unique artistry than with an epic mashup of his greatest hits?

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Singaporean singer-songwriters Stella Seah and Vee Yi Wei Ni did exactly just that! Together as StellaVee, they released a sweet, melodic rendition of some of his greatest hits. Prepare to have your heartstrings tugged!

Inspired by 10 Iconic Yoga Lin Songs

This mashup may well be StellaVee’s most ambitious to date, drawing inspiration from not one, not two – but TEN of Yoga Lin’s most popular hits!

On top of expertly weaving lyrics from 10 different songs, the pair performed their mashup with incredible finesse, garnering rave reviews from netizens:

Comment by Wai Kit Lee on StellaVee's Yoga Lin Mashup MV

“A different listening experience, lovely!”

One fan likened their bright, clear voices to that of S.H.E’s in their early days.

Comment by Helen Mao on StellaVee's Yoga Lin Mashup MV

“It’s been a while since I’ve heard such vibrant, youthful energy, and clean, crisp vocals; it’s almost like S.H.E. in their younger days. This is the first time I’m listening to this, it’s awesome, keep it up!”

Fans also appreciate the efforts that went into the making of the music video, in particular the editing, which was done by Vee herself:

Comment by Mcchh Arsenal on StellaVee's Yoga Lin Mashup MV

“The editing is super awesome, I sincerely love your vocals! I also like Yoga Lin’s songs. Keep it up! I look forward to more of your works, as well as your original songs!”

On top of the positive reviews, their music video has garnered close to 150,000 views within its first week on Facebook!

StellaVee: Two Talented Artistes, One Powerhouse Duo

If Stella’s and Vee’s names ring a bell to you, here’s probably where you’ve seen them!

Stella is an alumnus of the recently-concluded season of Sing! China, alongside fellow Singaporeans Joanna Dong, Olinda Cho, and Curley Gao.

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She wowed the four superstar judges over with her powerful vocals, and won hearts over with her sweet demeanour. Though unfortunately eliminated in the second round, Stella left a lasting impression, both at home and overseas, as the petite girl with a big voice.

A multitalented artiste, Vee sings, writes songs, raps, arranges awesome covers, and even directs and produces StellaVee’s MVs!

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Vee recently made waves on the internet with her genius mashup of two hit songs by Namewee and G.E.M. Her video was picked up by various online entertainment news sites, praising Vee’s ability to bridge the two drastically-different musical styles into one awesome, self-produced MV.

Together, the two friends have gathered their vocal prowess and creative genius, joining forces to become StellaVee. They’ve garnered a total of over 500,000 views on their most popular covers across social platforms – and that’s just in four months!

Singapore’s Got Talent: Supporting Local Artistes

With incredible talents such as StellaVee in our midst, it’s still not easy to gain recognition within Singapore. As Sing! China finalist Joanna Dong mentioned in her interview with Lianhe Zaobao – Singaporeans often lack confidence in ourselves, and feel the need for ‘the recognition of others to be able to believe in ourselves’.

(Read more: English coverage of Joanna’s Lianhe Zaobao interview by online news site Mothership)

What gives? It’s certainly not due to a lack of creative, diverse talents within the sunny shores of Singapore. Yet, as many artists can also attest to, garnering support from locals can be challenging.

The stellar performances of Singaporean artistes on the international stage can inspire us to root for our own talents. But more than that, we hope that our fellow Singaporeans can give our homegrown talents the appreciation they deserve, even while they’re still on home turf.

To echo Joanna’s sentiments in her interview – it’s high time we ‘believe in ourselves, and our own voices’. And with amazing artistes like Stella and Vee in our midst, there are many great voices we can lend our ears to.

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