Sichuan-Style Chicken!


Sichuan style food has been rising in popularity, from Mala Hot Pot to Mala Xiang Guo. There’s no denying this spicy cuisine is the “hot” talk of the town. In this article, Foodie CaCa and Chef Cao Yong show you how to make a mouth watering Sichuan dish.

Sichuan Style Chicken!

Sichuan-Style Chicken: What you’ll need

1 Whole Chicken

¼ bowl of fried crushed peanuts

½  bowl of Sichuan Pepper Powder

1 Bowl of Fried Shallot

¾ bowl of Black Vinegar

1 Bowl of Peanut Oil

½ bowl of Scallion Oil

1 Bowl of Sugar

¼ bowl of Chilli Oil

4 Lemon Slices

¼  bowl of Chilli Powder


Large Metal Boiling Pot

Metal Pot

Large mixing bowl



Knife and Chopping Board

  1.   Prepare the chicken

Prepare the chicken!

Using a glove take a pinch of sugar and spread it around the surface of the chicken. Massage the chicken. After pulling the limbs of the chicken to make it easier to steam. Let it sit for 30 mins

  1.   Boil the Chicken


Fill water to ¾ of the boiling pot. Cover the pot and turn to high heat. When boiling, remove the cover and place the chicken inside the pot. Lower heat and wait for water to boil. When the water is boiling, turn the heat off before covering the pot again. This will make the chicken more tender and smooth. Let it sit for 50 mins

  1.   Creating the sauce

Creating the sauce!

While waiting for the chicken you can start making the sauce. Using the ingredients mentioned in the list above, pour it to a large mixing bowl. Remember to taste as you add the ingredients. For the peanuts, chilli powder and sugar add to your taste. Mix thoroughly and put it in the freezer

  1.   Icing the Chicken

Icing the chicken!

50 mins after the second step you can now take out the chicken. Fill up a pot with iced water, and place your chicken into the pot. When the chicken is cooked, hold up the chicken so that the hot water would come out of the inside. Try to let the cold water enter the chicken. As you let the chicken sit in the ice water, squeeze three lemon slices into the pot. Let the chicken sit for 15 mins

  1.   Cut the chicken

Cut the chicken!

After letting the chicken sit for 15 mins you can take it out and start cutting it to pieces. If you are unsure you can follow this link for a detailed description on how to cut the chicken.


  1.   Plate the dish

Plate the dish!

On a plate, pour the sauce over the chicken. Sprinkle the fried scallions on top of the chicken to your liking!

You have finished this mouthwatering Sichuan dish that is sure to satisfy your Sichuan cuisine cravings!

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