Healthy Scallop with Fruit Salad!


If you’re keeping your health in check, this dish is perfect for you. Healthy, natural and filled with different nutrients, the scallop with fruit salad is a tasty yet nutritious dish to fill your lofty health and taste standards. Scallops are a great source of protein, served alongside a colourful fruit salad that’s chock full of vitamins. Foodie CaCa and Ms Kueh shares the recipe for this incredible dish.

Scallop with Fruit Salad: What you’ll need


1 Small box of Blueberries

3 Strawberries

1 Apple

2 Oranges

1 Kiwi

1 bunch of grapes

2 Yogurt cup

2 cloves of garlic (chopped fine)


Cooking oil


Sea Salt


Salad Bowl

Frying Pan

Knife and Chopping Board

Measuring Cup

Wooden Spoon


Metal Spoon

Metal filter bowl

  1.   Prepare your fruit

Look at all the fruit!

Peel and cut the fruits to small pieces and slices. Grapes and blueberries does not need to be cut. When finished put all the fruits in the bowl.

  1.   Pour the Yogurt

Pour the yogurt!

Take the two cups of yogurt and pour it into the bowl. Mix it thoroughly.

  1.   Frying the Scallop

Frying the scallop

Turn to high heat and place 1/2 spoon of butter into the frying pan. Turn your pan around so that the butter covers the bottom surface of the pan. Add the garlic cloves. Before placing the scallop in the pan remember to use a tissue to remove any excess water. Without excess water the scallop’s surface can be more gold and crispy. When the scallops are in, cover the frying pan and turn to low heat. Let the scallops take in the butter for 2-3 mins. Pour the scallops onto a filter bowl to remove the excess liquid

  1.   Refrying the Scallop

Refry your scallop!

Pour a tablespoon of cooking oil, and place the scallop back into the frying pan. This will give the scallop more of the gold color.

  1.   Plate the Scallop and Fruit Salad

Plate your dish!

Place the scallop and fruit salad on a plate. Add a sprinkle sea salt and pepper to the scallop

Voila! You have finished this wonderfully healthy dish that can be served to you and your family! Tell us how it taste below!!!

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