Friday, August 23, 2019

The Beautiful Dolomites!: 4 Views that you have to see!

The Dolomites, is Italy’s mountain range in the North East. Spanning 350,000 acres with 18 peaks, the views are breathtaking and a must see if you are in the region. These are 4 must...

The Romantic City Of Venice

When you think of romantic cities Venice is definitely one on the top of the list. Therefore in this edition of the Wanderlist explore the beautiful “Bride of the Sea” and it’s various attractions! Canal...
the wanderlist missing home-cooked foodvideo

MISSING HOME-cooked food!: The Wanderlist

MISSING HOME-cooked food 人在异乡,肚在家乡 |『真玩传 The Wanderlist』 Hola! Our Wanderlister, Ivy, has wandered off to Spain! It seems like she has a craving for her hometown food! Rather than missing home, she seems like she's...
Meet My Roommate! |『真玩传 The Wanderlist』video

Meet My Roommate! |『真玩传 The Wanderlist』

Meet My Roommate! |『真玩传 The Wanderlist』 Meet My Roommate! |『真玩传 The Wanderlist』 SUBSCRIBE for all our latest videos! SuperSeedTV™: -- Meet My Roommate! Hola! 真玩家Ivy陈艾薇旅途中结交了不少好友,这位尤其是。。。高高高。。。 主持人:Ivy 陈艾薇 ( Hola! Check Out my roommate... He's so... TALL! -- 《真玩传》简介 爱旅行的你,想知道如何玩得轻松又精彩吗?出国时又要注意哪些事项呢?让 “真玩家” Ivy 陈艾薇 为你一一解答,带你轻松环游世界! About The...